Treatment technics
Site last published: 12/26/17

According to Chinese medicine, health is related to the free flow of “chi” or vital energ which travels through a network of pathways which nourish the human body. “Chi” regulates the body´s spiritual, emotional, mental and physical balance, and therefore the health.

Once we suggest a treatment, whether it be acupuncture, moxibustion or energy massage, our objective is to restore the patient’s energy balance which we generically call “chi”.

In order to obtain this objective we carry out a diagnosis which, according to TCM criteria, involves a detailed medical history including a skin tone assessment, an examination of the tongue, observation of your tone of your voice and of your posture, and an evaluation of your likes and dislikes, such as colours and flavours. Finally a pulse diagnosis is recorded which interprets the blood and energy levels in every part of our body.

This information sets guidelines to create a personalised treatment plan which focuses on three main areas:

• treatment of the cause of the imbalance
• treatment of the illness in question
• prevention

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