Practitioner’s training
Site last published: 12/26/17

The practitioner carried out her training at the School of Neijing – Pozo Amargo (Cuenca) under the direction of Doctor Jose Luis Padilla Corral, and has been receiving on-going training since 1992.

Her training consists of acupuncture studies, energy massage, Qigong, diet, research in Humanistic healing and meditation practise.

The School of Neijing in Pozo Amargo (Cuenca) is an internationally recognised, private centre of investigation and study in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has headquarters in 17 European countries and in Latin America.

In Spain, the official qualification for the practise of acupuncture is still under study and debate. Professional training for this therapy is therefore offered at private schools or centres such as the School of Neijing. We are convinced that this situation is temporary, and that Traditional Chinese Medicine will eventually receive the justified acknowledgement that this thousand year old cure deserves in our country, as it does in the rest of the world.

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