Patients experiences
Site last published: 12/26/17

Abdominal hernia; initial signs of arthritis in the hands; haemorrhoids; cervical and back problems; prevention treatments.

I've been visiting Manuela’s acupuncture clinic for about 15 years now, I initially needed treatment for an abdominal hernia that had returned following an operation 2 years previously. Manuela soothed my pains. During this time my lower back and joint pains also disappeared, as did some haemorrhoid and gastric problems I had also been suffering with.

Psychologically I became more relaxed and improved my relationship with my family.

Years later, acupuncture treatments managed to restrain the early stages of arthritis in my hands.

Since then, I tend to book a session of preventative treatment at the start of every season. Now, at 73 years of age I don't take any form of medication, I lead an active lifestyle, and I feel better now than what I did 20 years ago.

Julia D, mother of an 8 month old baby suffering from whooping cough.

My link with Manuela's clinic began one summer 14 years ago. Our third child, who was just 8 months old, suffered with terrible phlegmy coughing fits which chocked him. We spent endless weeks travelling backwards and forwards to hospital. Finally, much to our surprise, he was diagnosed with whooping cough (this was a great shock as we thought that, since the development of vaccines, this illness no longer existed,) the doctors considered admitting him to hospital.

That same afternoon, I bumped into a close friend of mine who I hadn't seen for ten years, she told me all about Manuela. I thought that maybe an alternative outlook to our conventional medicine could be of an interest, and that's how it all began.

The first thing that caught my attention at the practice was the atmosphere, filled with different aromas, and a sense of calmness and serenity; the warm welcome and honesty also played an important role in making Inti (my son) better.

I remember he used to crawl around the practice with his needles in place, and the attention he paid to Manuela when she said the name of the point she warmed with moxa. I also remember that on the third day we managed to get the first night’s sleep we’d had in a long time.
Several months after Inti was cured, whenever he fell sick, he would tell us to put in one of those “medicine needles”. That was my first experience of acupuncture.

Lola S,
Blocked tear duct

I had a blocked tear duct when I decided to visit Manuela's acupuncture clinic. Over a period of 12 months I had, with no avail, tried various conventional medical treatments; as a last option the doctors suggested a form of surgery that only had a 50% success rate.

After about 4 months of treatment, apart from the fantastic results it had on my tear duct and my general sense of well-being, acupuncture for me has been a much better option than visiting the operating theatre.

feeling of insecurity, depression

A friend of mine advised me to visit Manuela, an acupuncturist she trusted. At that time, the difficulties I had getting on with my family were really getting me down. I realise now, as time has gone by, that I had been depressed and had a fear for everything.

Acupuncture has allowed me to get my confidence back; I can now express my feelings and face situations in a calm, firm and confident manner.

During the treatment I started to have hot flushes brought on by the menopause which, thanks to acupuncture those symptoms disappeared.

'Now, I'm the woman I used to be: happy, full of life, and enthusiastic to learn new things. I realise how much I have changed when I socialise with long-time friends who are of the same age of me.

joint pain and severe migraines

At the time of visiting Manuela's clinic I had suffered from migraines for over 25 years and didn't know who to turn to for a cure. 10 years ago I also started having bone and joint pains, more so in my left shoulder, and also a kind of numb feeling in my fingers.

My migraines eased up after 3 sessions of acupuncture and were cured completely after 2 months of treatment, as were the aches in my bones and joints.

I'm still having treatment for a persistent tendonitis I have in my shoulder which is almost cured.

Josep-Lluis M,
bronchitis, bone and joint pain

I always had a strange, reoccurring, and unbearable bronchitis around the time of my birthday. Someone told me to visit Manuela and her needles; and that was the end of tablets and antibiotics. My breathing improved and I started to look after myself well. That was also the end of my bronchitis, which was approximately 10 years ago.

Needles and bones? Is that a good combination?

I went to see my first orthopaedist: he sent me back home, always with a prescription in my pocket, as if it was practically a daily routine, the success drug of the day. And at the same time more tablets to alleviate the first set of side effects, which in turn had their own possible side effects. A walking stick would come in handy. Well, of course!

With constant patience and good care the needles gave my bones a second lease of life, that damn knee, the bones in my the time I had my last set of needles I could walk alone.

Well, that, along with other things that acupuncture did for me.

Obesity – underactive thyroid - depression

I have been severely obese for over 15 years; this became worse with my underactive thyroid.

About 6 months ago I started a course of acupuncture at Manuela's practice. 2 months later I caught pneumonia and was laid up in bed for several weeks, incapable or taking care of myself. This only made my already depressing situation even worse. Manuela gave me a 5 day intensive treatment and I soon felt my spirits had lifted significantly. I no longer felt that certain tiredness which made it impossible to follow any active form of lifestyle; I´d caught up on my sleep and found a new will to live. During the treatment my constipation problems also disappeared. My chronic psoriasis, for which I had never found a cure, has improved dramatically, and I generally feel much less bloated.

I know that more time is needed to treat my obesity, but I feel optimistic that, through acupuncture, a cure is available as over the past few months I have truly experienced a new lease of life.


I met the acupuncturist at Manuela's clinic about 10 years ago. I turned to acupuncture in search of solutions for my rheumatoid arthritis, solutions which I couldn't find in traditional medicine. After a few months of continuous treatment the symptoms eased, my mood improved, and I felt more enthusiastic about life.

Over the years I have received maintenance treatments; the relapses are now far and few between. As soon as I feel the symptoms coming on we follow a more intense treatment and they soon ease off.

Thanks to acupuncture I have managed to slow down the progress of the illness and I have a very decent quality of life.

stiff back – mood swings

I have realised that, with the help of acupuncture, I have managed to cure ailments that I have put up with for many years.

I went to Manuela's clinic to treat severe muscle tension that I had all down my neck and back, was always up tight and didn´t feel at ease with my surroundings.

After 3 or 4 sessions the improvement was unbelievable; the stiffness in my back gradually eased off and my attitude towards others improved, allowing me to enjoy a much more peaceful coexistence. People who know me say I now have a much better character.