Site last published: 12/26/17

Acupuncture is the insertion of fine metal needles into distinct points in the human body, resonators or acupuncture points, applying certain manipulation techniques to promote the flow of energy.

How do these resonators or acupuncture points work?

According to TCM, the human body is formed from the energies of the Cosmos; these energies are passed on through our parents thus making up the genetic code.

After birth, this new being produces a system of pathways, also known as meridians, which carry energy, a result of diet and respiration.

This network of energy pathways allow us to live in a homeostatic symbiosis with the environment; the quality of energy which travels along the pathways becomes: Ancestral Energy which we inherit from humankind and our ancestors, diversifying into; Nurturing Energy as a result of diet and respiration; Sentry Energy (immune system) which is responsible for defending our body against infections and foreign substances; and finally Mental or Psychic Energy.

Acupuncture points are locations along these pathways which contain higher levels of energy; the quality of the energy also differs depending on the point.